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The small ladybug landed on her knee. She lowered her hand and it crawled up onto her finger, the ladybug moved around her hand for a moment, and then flew away as the quiet rustle of grass disturbed the silence.

I'll be damned...

“Well hello there Phoenix.” The phoenix unfurled his wings bathing them in sunlight. The gold and flaming orange feathers glittered beautifully in the light.

“Almost like rays of sunlight.” She mused.

He tipped his head slightly, acknowledging her.

She turned her gaze back to the river, discreetly looking at him through the corner of her eyes.

Her gaze landed on his black ankle length boots trimmed with red. Neatly tucked into the boots were his pants and her eyes followed them up to where they abruptly cut off.

His black shirt began trimmed with red, and as she continued up she noted his belt stood out like a flame in the night, fiery orange in color dimming to a more gentle sun yellow towards the middle. His black shirt traveled into the yellow-orange arm cuffs, with two flat overlapping spikes lined with silver.

His black chest and arm plate gleamed lightly, tucked under it his red cloak fluttered behind him. Continuing up his chest she saw the cloak flaring out lightly behind his neck and to the side. She continued going up his lightly tanned pale neck and became distracted for a second by a lock of chocolate brown hair. She pulled her eyes away from his hair and moved up over his strong jaw complimented by soft looking lips.

She went up past his nose and onto his beautiful pearl white eyes, and her gaze visibly softened. His handsome face was framed by chocolate hair which reached his mid-back. She continued to study him looking at the soft curve of his ear, and where a blazing sun yellow feather behind both his ears flared out before giving way to a soft glowing orange.

He shifted slightly and looked up at the sun for a moment and her gaze was drawn to the long staff he carried. Flaming red and perched on top was the silver body of a double winged bird, with the head and neck of a swan. It gleamed dangerously for a moment, and she smirked. He shifted abruptly and slowly his wings began to recede until there was no trace of them left.

Looking down at the water she began to hum softly, eyes flashing to an intense silver-blue for a moment. Water slowly lifted and floated up to her hand, it twisted around her hand like a snake and then settled and curled on her palm.

Phoenix watched her out of the corner of his eye. She was sitting on a boulder smoothed out from centuries of running water.

Her long tan legs crossed in front of her, toes skimming the water. His gaze kept traveling up her smooth legs, where abruptly her silver-blue Qipao dress and right hip armor began.  On her hip armor lay the same symbol that rested on his staff, the body of a double winged bird, with the head and neck of a swan.

His eyes were lured away from the silver symbol by her left thigh left tauntingly exposed save for a white band wrapped around it intricately.

His eyes traveled over the gentle flare of her hips, and took note of the leather strap around her waist and the silver buckle.  Continuing over following the dark dragon embroidered onto the Qipao, he took a moment to admire the beauty.
He rather quickly went over her breasts, it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate them, he just didn’t ogle at them, and it was impolite.

Moving up to her neck, where the leather strap once again wrapped around her chest and a buckle glinted on her left shoulder.

His gaze settled momentarily on her shoulder armor with the pearl white spike dangerously gleaming. His eyes switched to her other spike less shoulder armor. He continued down to her arm guards, looking at the wing like spike. The arm guard traveled down to her hand where a white strap wrapped across her palm.
He looked up from her arms following the dark blue dragon to where her collar bone met. The dark blue gave way to a diamond shape, and what seemed to be a cherry blossom adorned the right and left half of the blue diamond.

The blue collar gave way to her slender neck, and he continued up to her stubborn jaw. His eyes traveled up her inviting lips, up the gentle curve of her cheeks and looked at her mischievous golden honey brown eyes. Eyes framed by light amber bangs.

He went up tracing the fine arch of her eyebrow and went to her pointed ear. From her ear was a head piece that went around the back of her head to frame the other ear.

From her ear the headpiece traveled down to her chin and then stopped. Small waves decorated the headpiece weaving up to gather and curl at the top of her ear. The waves broke off and began to look like dragon scales, highlighted by dark shimmering blue were there were three separate halves lined with glimmering silver shielding the base of her head.

His eyes went to the three ornamental geisha looking hairpins. The hair pins were a very light blue in color and about five to six inches long.  Small pearl-white beads rested about an inch away from the end. Hanging from that bead by a thin thread hung delicate strings, moving with each movement of her head.

Two buns held her amber hair in place, and he saw two defiant locks of her hair curling at the nape of her neck. His gaze finally settled on the two horns resting on top of her head, ice blue in color with darker horizontal stripes.

He was snapped out of his unabashed gazing by the dragon’s eyes flashing silver-blue. He watched as clear water separated smoothly from the lake and snaked up to her hand. It curled around her hand and then finally decided to settle on her palm.

Their eyes connected and she smirked, he felt the corner of his lip twitch.
Her fingers twitched and the water slithered from her hand into the air. It zoomed towards him, and began to circle around him like a playful snake. He raised an eyebrow at her,” What are you doing Dragon?”

“Amusing myself obviously.”

Her smirk was loosing to a grin, her two fangs revealed from behind her lips. The water continued to move around him and after a while, he became a bit annoyed.
Finally he decided to indulge her in the silly game. His fingers twitched and eyes flashed to a blazing sun yellow for a mere moment.

A small flame danced on his fingertips, swaying to the slow rhythm of his heartbeat. His fingers twitched again and as the little water dragon passed his face again the small flame chased after it.

She smiled as he gave in to her game, and the flame chased after her small water dragon. The flame slowly began to take the shape of a phoenix, as it zoomed after the small dragon.

She giggled softly as she saw reluctant amusement worm its way into his eyes. She stood up and walked to the river bank and onto the soft grass.  She walked towards him, the grass tickling her feet on the way, and if he noticed she had moved, he did not acknowledge it.

She gently lifted his left hand and turned his palm up, the small dragon ducked towards the Dragon and the small Phoenix did not give up the chase. The small dragon curled on to the Dragon’s hands, and looked at the small phoenix suspiciously as it settled on his palm.

The small phoenix cooed at the dragon. The Dragon watched amused as the two elemental animals bickered with each other. The Phoenix was also watching with a raised eyebrow, and then the small water dragon uncurled itself from the Dragons hand and glided over to the phoenix were it curled itself around it.

Phoenix looked at her questioningly, and she just smiled. Her eyes flashed momentarily, and both the phoenix and dragon disappeared leaving a small crystal lady bug.

Much like the one that landed on her earlier.

He raised an eyebrow in question.

“A present for Shino. He won a bet.” She elaborated.

“Bet?” He asked almost suspiciously. Ladybug…something in his head was ringing, recalling Shino telling him something but he couldn’t remember what…

“Neji…” she said softly.

He finally looked at her smoldering honey gold eyes and couldn’t look away.  
“Tenten…wh-“His question was cut off.

She grabbed a lock of his hair and tugged on it pulling his head down. His hand held on to hers now, her slender fingers cool on his warm hand. His eyes became hooded, and as her lips got closer to his, her eyes finally closed.
Her lips lingered over his for a moment before finally sealing them.

A hazy, pleasant feeling engulfed Neji leaving him in a moment of stupor, while sensational tingles ran up and down his spine. He pressed himself closer to her, and she tilted her head willingly.

He found it was much harder to form coherent thoughts when her fangs were grazing his lips so teasingly. He placed the staff on his belt and his hand went to her waist.

Tenten felt shivers coursing up and down her body, exciting every nerve. And then he had pressed himself closer to her, his large warm body shielding her smaller one. She tilted her head allowing him to press his mouth closer to hers, and then through the fogginess in her mind an idea popped up. She gently ran her fangs over his lips.

All playful thoughts flew out the window when he placed his hand on her hip, and then slowly slid it down to the inside of her thigh. A tremble ran up her spine, and a small blush worked its way to her cheeks. His hand continued to slide down, slowly and sensually teasing her already hyper-aware skin.

All the while working and coaxing her lips. Heat joined in with those tingling sensations.

His hand slid down behind her knee where he lifted it and she hooked it behind his leg. His other hand itched to go into her hair but was held firmly by Tenten’s. Instead he twined his fingers with hers and let their hand rest loosely on their sides.

He released her mouth, and took a moment to smugly look at her flushed face. And then he went on to her neck, trailing opened mouth kisses to her pulse.
Tenten suppressed a pleasurable sigh. His kisses felt like small flames trailing on her skin. And then she smiled, and a laugh bubbled from her throat.

Her thoughts broke off as he nipped at her sensitive ear. This time a small gasp did come loose from her throat.

A laugh rumbled in her chest, and he narrowed his eyes. He traveled up the side of her neck and nibbled on her pointed ear. He was more than pleased to hear her gasp. He nipped at it again playfully. Her hand went to his back, where she snaked her hand under his shirt, carefully minding the winged spike and placed a cool hand on his back.

Delightful shivers wracked his body, and her hand continued tracing patterns on his naked back, leaving him distracted momentarily. Seizing her opportunity Tenten placed her lips on his neck, and kissed his neck. She felt him shiver, and then she ran her fangs over his neck. She heard a small groan from his lips as she grazed his pulse point.

And she giggled softly, and then his lips were on hers again, hot, demanding, and hungry. She returned his kiss with the same fervor, her hand leaving his back to bury into his hair.

His hand twitched and their fingers loosened and he placed his hand on the back of her neck, while the one resting on her hip now wrapped around her waist. Her hand once again slipped up his back, and –

“NEJI!” A booming voice rang out from the forest. Tenten pulled away from him quickly, and almost tripped in her haste.

She smoothed down the Qipao and Neji tucked in the back of his shirt.
“Your collar…” she hissed. He straightened that up too.
Naruto burst in,” Hey Neji we're going to go-“he abruptly cut off, as he caught sight of both of them.

Unfortunately Tenten in her adventures exploring Neji’s neck left him quite a few hickeys. That and taking into account their flushed faces, and Neji’s disheveled hair, it didn’t take Naruto long to figure out what he had interrupted.

A large grin grew on Naruto’s face and his ocean blue eyes glittered with unabashed perverse amusement. Following close by Hinata appeared, and peered over his shoulder,” Naruto what are…” She caught sight of them too.

Her face began to grow red, which was accented by her flowing white clothes. Naruto’s black whiskers nearly reached his ears from how big his smile was. And then he started laughing.

“….” Neji was glaring viciously, and with a flick of his fingers sent a flame in his direction. Naruto yelped and ducked into the trees. He poked his head out and gave a toothy grin shaking out his blond hair.

“HA! That’s all you got?! Wait till everyone hears about this!” And then he turned tail and ran. Neji growled and ran after him. And just before he made it to the trees he took to the air.

Tenten and Hinata looked at each other completely bewildered. Tenten began laughing, and walked over to Hinata, she motioned for her to follow.
“Where’s Shino?”

“At the lake with the others, why?” Hinata asked curiously.

“I need to give him something.”

She looked at the ladybug on her finger gleaming colorfully in the sun, Yes; I think I do believe in ladybug’s odd luck now.<p>

This story is written for a beautiful picture by :iconinner-sakurachan:


Since a lot of you, I'm sure won't understand the ladybug thing let me explain.

"Asian traditions hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the Ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear. Upon hearing the Ladybug's message your true love will hurry his/her way to your side."

XDXD In the story Shino had told her the myth, saying it was true however they did not whisper names, ladybugs do not talk. And the person did not magically know their names. They would however show up eventually and the ladybug would be there, but it had to be the same ladybug that landed on both people.

Tenten of course didn't believe him. So she made a bet with him saying if somehow a ladybug brought her, her true love she would give him a genuine crystal.

And if he lost he would have to give her a shiny new weapon. The rules; Shino could not influence any ladybug to do anything.

Tenten obviously lost. She had met said ladybug once before and had not seen it in a long time.

I'm sure she doesn't mind though. ;]

God damnit I can't figure out how to Italicize the "I'll be damned" at the beginning of the story without the entire damn story Italicizing either. It won't space either. >.< RAWR!

All Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

The drawing the story is based on belongs to Inner-Sakurachan

The story however belongs to me.
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